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Mid-West Moving – Tips


Remember to empty and turn off all refrigerators and freezers at least 24 hours before loading, while keeping the doors open to prevent odour and the growth of mould. After the delivery, wait 5 to 7 hours before plugging in your appliances.

Materials Not to Pack

There are many household items that are prohibited and dangerous to transport, such as:

  • All Liquids
  • All Flammable, Explosive & Corrosives Items
  • Oils, Chemicals, Paints, Nail Polish, Batteries, Matches, Cleaning Products, Propane Tanks, Argon & Pressurized Tanks

Don’t forget to drain the oil and fuel from your lawn mower, snow blower or any other machinery. Also, be sure to verify with Canada or U.S. customs as to what materials and goods are prohibited by law.

Plants & Perishable Food

Plants and perishable foods may die or spoil. Because of this, we recommend you keep them with you or arrange separate transportation.

Things to Keep With You

Here is a list of things that we do not recommend being packed away:

  • Transportation Tickets
  • Keys
  • Identification Cards (e.g. Visas, Passports & Birth Certificates)
  • Debit Cards, Check Books & Credit Cards
  • Bank Statements & Tax Records
  • Medicine
  • Expensive Belongings

Extra Tips

  • If you are paying an hourly rate, make sure that the movers have easy access.
  • Do not exceed 50 pounds in weight per box, and make sure the lids close flat.
  • If possible, please make sure that there is a parking spot for the truck.
  • Make sure your doorway is clear of snow and ice.
  • If access to an elevator is necessary, make sure it is reserved for a sufficient amount of time.
  • Let us know if the walls have been painted or the floors refinished to avoid damage.
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Want some help packing?

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